“As one songwriter to another, I’m amazed. There’s nothing to criticize. I love it all…. your maturity as a songwriter and your sensitivity and depth as a singer. Listening to Invocation, I am entertained, impressed, and touched. Way to go, Kate!” –Billy Edd Wheeler

“Kate Schrock is a sexy Eva Cassidy!” –Joan Van Ark

“Kate Schrock is a rare musical talent, and this album (Invocation) is here to prove it. Truly magical.” — Stacey Keach

KENTUCKY KERNEL: “Schrock is laying down some of the most thought-provoking lyrics to come out of the recent evolution in rock music. Schrock’s blend of rock, jazz, gospel and pop fuses under her voice, which soars and swoops with a quiet, yet powerful authority, defining her talent well above the other piano wielding singers pithily invading the nation.”

KEYBOARD MAGAZINE: Schrock, “pushes the bounds of the usual hook-driven pop song. Sagacious and penetratingly honest tone of writers such as Joni Mitchell.”

Matt Peterson of FACE MAGAZINE: “Kate Schrock’s craft is unmatched by any mainstream act that we are fed as consumer’s on a daily basis…she leads by example and stirs tornadoes on records ~”

DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE: “Kate Schrock populates her introspective songs with searching, often battle-scarred characters. Schrock tells their stories with a strong, fervent voice…”

“Her acoustic presence is startling. Schrock is terrifically adept at harnessing classic rock rhythms in an updated and modern fashion.” Stereophile Magazine (who also calls ‘Shunyata’, ‘A Record To Die For’).

“83 steps ahead of the pack……has her own identity like Kate Bush or Shawn Colvin”. YEAH YEAH YEAH Magazine.

College Music Journal AAA Futures: …her sound is incomparable to those of her musical peers.